Resilient Vinyl & Tile

A popular choice for kitchens, foyers, bathrooms, laundry and more!

Resilient products combine Stunning Visuals with Durability and
Ease of Clean-up for a Long Lasting, Water Resistant floor.

We carry products from leading brands in Resilient Flooring including:

Resilient vinyl & tile products

Linoleum tiles and sheet by Marmoleum also available upon request.

Resilient Flooring Overview

Specific characteristics vary by product, but all resilient flooring will be somewhat warmer, softer, and more flexible than real stone or ceramic. Several products also include an anti-microbial in the wear layer and are slightly textured for slip resistance.

Sheet Vinyls: Generally come 12’ wide and are available in glue down or floating floors. Designs include tiles, stone, wood and more.

Luxury Tiles: Not to be confused with your standard peel-and-stick! Realistic designs in grouted (no sealer required) and non-grouted tile or wood planks. Glue down or locking-floating installation available.

Care & Maintenance: Dry dust or vacuum using the suction only setting (turn off beater bar). For a more thorough cleaning, most manufacturers suggest an ammonia based or a neutral cleaner depending on the product, both of which we carry in stock at our showroom.

Walk-off mats are suggested at entrances to keep dirt from being tracked throughout the house and ground under our feet into the floor. Felt pads are recommended for furniture legs and can also be purchased at our showroom in varying sizes. Replacement of felt is on an as need basis. Moving of heavy furniture or appliances should be handled with care even if they are on wheels or slides.

Read manufacturer regulations carefully before use.